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Rely on the best ITAM partner with a strong know-how.

Founded in 1992, Landpark SAS has been known to acquire a strong know-how into IT assets management software marketplace. The company has consolidated since its technology since by a pragmatic approach and a constant analysis of its customer's needs.

While bringing our competences, our company developed a great number of partnerships and customers with first objective to help them to control costs related to the operation of their data processing.

Hundreds of major companies have recognized our expertise in the field, IT managers have successfully been able to exert fine-grained control over their IT resources. Thanks to the added-value of our approach, we are able to assist you in your project. Our approach to IT asset management and help desk has proven reliable and sustainable technology over the years.




Eric Besseyre des Horts founded Landpark SAS in 1992. He spent six years in New York where he successively held positions as an engineer responsible for data center for real estate companies, and then founded his company in New York specialized in local area networks (Express/Net).

Back in France, he worked as an engineer at Alsys (Ada Language Systems). He subsequently created the company Euratec (software editor / distributor of ADA compilers), then Landpark SAS.

The company will edit a complete software package for testing, analyzing and correcting PC for the year 2000 (ULTIMATUM 2000). In 1999, the company will rapidly shift from 5 to 20 employees. Turnover will follow the same upward trend to reach over 19 million francs with 7 million result. Thanks to its technology, the company positioned itself as number 1 in this market, with more than 2 million licenses sold.

Landpark SAS has since acquired a recognized know-how in the field of ITSM, ITAM and SAM software. The company has since consolidated its technological know-how through a pragmatic approach and a constant analysis of the real needs of its customers.

Today, the company benefits from the knowledge and know-how that are the real assets of the company. These skills are transmitted between individuals and ensure the permanence of brands, the quality of software and the image of our company. Our competences are transmitted to ensure the quality of our software's and our image. The management team - with more than 25 years of experiment in the field of the software - was confronted very often with new software developments.


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