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A full ticketing software to manage any request for assistance, any change and technical support.

This efficient support center is entirely accessible through the Internet and allows you to manage your users and your computers. Landpark Helpdesk is a multi-company tool and makes it possible according to parameter settings to share all information from your data processing systems - or on the contrary - to control access to information in order to have your support teams to work in a completely autonomous way. Landpark Helpdesk will make it possible for your users to send automatically their requests to the support center. This request can be extremely precised and point out to concerned material and software. The request must be validated either by the service of Hot-Line, or by a person in charge. The goal being to filter the real request of that not requiring technician intervention. Accessible 24 hours a day, Landpark Helpdesk makes it possible each one of your users to reach your support. Thanks to our technology, it will be then easy for them to send their requests and to follow up in real time their resolution.

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The software interface through the Internet makes it possible to take into account any request for assistance, and this from any Pc station. The technician can constantly:

  • Consult a database for recurring problems and advises,

  • Consult materials configuration during its intervention, 

  • Bring new modifications (interventions, length, resolutions,…),

  • Update in real time the database.



The technical support can then manage requests, who will be in charge for resolving this intervention according to several qualification levels, together with deadlines or procedures to be observed in order to optimize different steps of resolutions. Landpark Helpdesk brings a maximum visibility and operates a better control of your personal movement through various sites. 

Once the request will be assigned to a technician, a message (time necessary, name of the person in charge for resolving the problem, follow-up of the file…) is automatically sent through email. Users can then have an immediate vision of their problem and will know progress concerning its resolution.



Landpark Helpdesk makes it possible moreover to your technical support team to visualize inventories and to reach centralized data information in order to operate an immediate consultation:

  • Material descriptions,

  • Installed software and licenses,

  • Guarantee and maintenance contracts,

  • Suppliers information's,

  • A dynamic managing for your needs.



To be more effective, Landpark Helpdesk constantly enables you to consult the entire requests for control and corresponding answers, this by bringing answers having already been treated. Moreover, Landpark Helpdesk constantly enables you to consult daily, weekly or monthly technicians planning. 



Landpark Helpdesk also allows submitting requests to suppliers, having their own planning. A request may be attached to a problem into the database which must contain several types of information:

  • The definition by family of the encountered problem along with its solutions,

  • Timing assigned to the resolution of this problem,

  • Priority affected to the intervention according to the selected problem,

  • The definition by key word and fast research by wording,

  • The description of the problem,

  • The affectation of this problem to a technician or a group of technicians. 

Once you have organized your databases, you can give or not to users access to your recurring problems and resolution database and brings them immediately advices in order to solve by themselves several problems instead of submitting them to your helpdesk.



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