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You should precisely define your objectives and analyze your needs.

Limits of a data-processing budget are often difficult to establish. For better specific budget management, it is necessary for you to count and organize all events around the cycle of life of your computer equipment. To face growth of your workstation numbers, organzing information becomes essential. Your company needs a methodology and computerized tools to save you time – and money. This requirement goes through the use of computerized tools able to save you time. From equipment inventories to a complete data processing management: follow-up on movements, software licences management, purchases management without forgetting the installation and user assistance costs …Your goal is not only to reduce your management costs, but to quickly generate significant results in terms of user support.



Identify all your guarantee and maintenance contracts.

All the computer operations of your company must be harmonized and managed by precise rules. The references of the contracts - characteristics of the material - must be listed and organized in order to make the good decisions quickly when material breaks down.



Check all your maintenance contracts.

In your budget, software licenses become increasingly important. Being conform to your software license agreements will enable you to avoid legal problems. That is why our inventory and management software tools will help you to compare previous inventories, to locate wild installations (software downloaded or installed from a personal CD-ROM).



Why not join together other services concerned in using data-processing management software tools.

This could have a considerable impact on the cost of your project. Your project probably implies other teams in the identification of the procedures and the installation of those tools. Other services of your company - financial department - accounting department - administration department - are concerned with the savings: immobilized equipments, software licenses management, following on contracts, depreciation, how to improve service to users… Each step can go through competences of these various teams in order to save time and to allow a better valorisation of your activities.



Choose the best adapted tools for your immediate needs.

Why choosing to develop your own software? Our solutions are perfectly adapted to answer your needs. Landpark software tools profit from a long experience - their implementation is perfectly adapted to your company's environment. With a strong and rigorous methodology and being based on our experience, our team take into account each one of your specificities. Our solutions present several modular tools to answer each one of your needs: inventory, data processing management, helpdesk. The profile of our competences is determining for the success of your project. Our consultants have a solid methodology as well as an excellent experience of successful deployments.



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