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All activities relating to the management of your data-processing system have a cost.

Data processing is subjected to a technological cycle of development. The costs of acquisition of your workstations represent more than 50% of the total cost in computer equipment, without speaking about maintenance and support costs. An accurate checking of those costs is thus essential. Building a successful ITAM program starts with a solid foundation because it takes time, resources, money and strategy. A successful ITAM program provides operational efficiency and financial management of IT hardware and software assets throughout the asset lifecycle, and delivers visibility and control of IT assets while reducing costs and minimizing risk.

Successful companies consider asset management as a strategy to reduce total costs inherent in their workstations exploitation. Within a strategic framework, the success of your project will largely depend on the choice of quality tools which will bring you a quick return on investment and a better productivity profit.



Key factors to a successful implementation with Landpark.

TCO analysis is used to support acquisition and planning decisions for a wide range of assets that bring significant maintenance or operating costs across ownership life.

Using an asset management software presents many advantages. Numerous companies know that technological tools - allowing a global vision of computer equipment - are essential to solve support, maintenance and acquisition costs.

The Total Cost of Ownership - TCO - perfectly summarizes maintenance problems. The purchase price becomes often secondary compared to the cost of exploitation (a PC can cost five times more expensive to maintain than to buy). As soon as the data-processing systems approach about fifty computers, their management becomes essential to control its evolution.



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