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If you are looking for a MSI Installer Application Packaging or MSI Packaging you are in good hands. Smart Packager Pro is the most popular and comprehensive software packaging solution on the market.  It has a complete set of features to create MSI Installer files from existing software installations and to modify existing Windows Installer packages. When you think of MSI Packaging you might think of complexity. Unlike any other MSI package builder, Smart Packager Pro is ideal for IT administrators but powerful enough for developers. Almost every enterprise IT organization must routinely deploy applications, updates, or patches. And experience proves that IT practices have a direct impact on the outcome. Inadequate quality control, lack of standardization or poorly packaged applications can strain help desks, burden IT resources, and limit end-user productivity. The process always goes more smoothly with properly prepared applications and managed deployment; two practices that correlate directly to application availability.


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Produce your package in few minutes.

Comprehensive Package Editing and Authoring. The intuitive visual editor can be used to edit MSI packages. that have gone through the workflow process. This essential tool simplifies the configuration of multi-application package installations, eliminating costly deployment issues and reducing IT costs.


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No more failed installation.

No more failed installations, unexpected errors or frustrated employees unable to work… because of errors. Scalable Smart Packager Pro is a simple to use yet powerful solution ready to help you avoid the common pitfalls of deployment and update packaging caused by nonintegrated, unwieldy, manual processes.It anticipates the hazards and solves issues before they occur. An intuitive wizard-based interface guides IT administrators through application packaging and repackaging of existing MSI’s to ensure quick, reliable rollouts.


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Integrated workflow management supporting best practices.

The solution guides users through standardized steps for application packaging process: creation, modification, and testing. Integrated Workflow Manager is at the heart of Application Packaging and guides the IT Administrator through a common best practices workflow process. Enjoy the benefits of “Smart Repackaging”. Need to repackage an existing MSI? No problem. This special technology enables you to swiftly repackage Windows installer packages (MSI  packages); preserving many of the features that typical repackaging loses. Superior to the usual Snapshot methods, Smart Repackaging ensures that future upgrades and patching will work correctly.


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 An intelligent assistant offering you the best options.

With multiple deployment options, Smart Packager Pro offers more flexibility than any other product available on the market. Repackaging Smart Packager Pro will guarantee that all your updates, fixes and patches may work best.


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Files editor easy to use.

Enhanced SAM: Software Identification Tagging. Enable license optimization by creating an accurate application inventory. The solution automatically adds an ISO 19770-2 compliant tag to your application packages; which can then be edited or removed if necessary.


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Advanced editing tool.

Smart Packager Pro now includes and Advanced MSI Table authoring and editing tool, for advanced MSI package customization and authoring to simplify the configuration of multi-application software installations, eliminating deployment issues and reducing support costs for application suites.


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Full report in HTML made by MSI.

Smart Packager Pro provides the full report in HTML format and detailed changes between the beginning and the end of the Recovery.


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Advanced MSI Table authoring and editing tool.

Smart Packager Pro now includes and Advanced MSI Table authoring and editing tool, for advanced MSI package customization and authoring to simplify the configuration of multi-application software installations, eliminating deployment issues and reducing support costs for application suites. Below you will find some The screenshot give you a taste of the Advanced Table Editor in action. You will also find how we compare to the most widely used table editor in the world, Microsoft Orca. As you can see we tried to give the table editor a fresh new look, not the old look of Microsoft Orca. You'll also notice commonly used features like summary info, imports/exports, and searches are immediately available above the tables, no need to fumble through menus to access them.


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One important thing about this table editor is that it's mutually exclusive with the existing simplified editor of Smart Packager. What that means is administrators cannot edit an MSI in both editors at the same time. Administrators choose which editor to use by using the drop button in the UI. If you just click on "Edit Package" you get the original simplified editor (which is what most Administrators want). But if you click the arrow and select "Advanced" you'll get the table editor. Our new table editor is more or less on par with Orca. There are some things Orca does that we don't, and visa/versa. Here is a brief overview of the two editors:

View / edit all tables, rows, and fields (Orca = Yes // Smart Packager = Yes)

View and edit all fields of the summary info (Orca =  No // Smart Packager = Yes)

View and export embedded streams (Orca =  No // Smart Packager = Yes)

Import and export database tables (Orca =  Yes // Smart Packager = Yes)

Search and replace strings (Orca =  Yes // Smart Packager = Yes)

Easy find next/previous buttons (Orca =  No // Smart Packager = Yes)

Manually adjust schema of a table (Orca = Yes // Smart Packager = No)

Generate Transforms (Orca =  Yes // Smart Packager = No*)

Run validation tests (Orca =  Yes // Smart Packager = No)

* Note: With the Smart Packaging technology the need to create Transforms with SP is not necessary


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Version 3.0.4 available.

Smart Packager Pro accelerate the move to App-V 5.0: automatically prepare applications for reliable application virtualization deployment with a complete set of automated conversion, validation, editing and reporting capabilities. Streamlines and automates tasks to provide consistency, standardization and reliability. Automatic conversion of App-V 4.X, MSI and Legacy Installers to App-V 5.0, one at a time or in groups.  Editing of App-V 5.0 packages.

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