Benefits with Landpark®


With Landpark Manager, your IT Asset Management software.

  • To be able to easily organize your assets management with TreeViews (organizations and location) with proper access rights management,

  • To have a graphic vision of the immediate location of an object,

  • To manage differential between inventories (what element has been added or deleted),

  • To have an alarm panel sent by email on contracts exceeded, consumables to reorder or what software has exceeded the number of licenses authorized or was detected as undesirable,

  • To access distant Pc directly from an object or list,

  • To import your users list from a .Xls file or Active Directory/OpenLDAP,

  • To apply directly users to their PC after inventories,

  • Quickly printing documents (Word, Excel, HTML, XML, PDF, e-mail and e-mail Pdf) with graphics from a list (with choice of labels and types of graphs),

  • To have a full summary of any Pc immediately exportable in .Htm and .Rtf files,

  • Automatically assign any kind of contract (warranty, maintenance, loan, lease, insurance, subscription) and the parameters of purchases on the same objects,

  • To manage your budgets and their allocations for procurement, finance and contracts,

  • To manage easily your purchase orders with multiple VAT,

  • To import free from Excel all sorts of objects in order to manage them too,

  • To import free from Excel an unlimited number of Non-IT assets by family and subfamily, this without having to acquire any license on these Non-IT assets, and easily manage them,

  • To organize the incremental automatic duplication of any object,

  • To have a helpdesk on any items,

  • 120 queries at your disposal easily exploitable,

  • To generate barcode labels,

  • To have a history of assigning users to objects, objects move, users move, contracts move,

  • To have customizable documents (assignment sheet to sign, etc ...),

  • To manage all your consumables,

  • To have on each user equipment or consumables affected,

  • To have the list of PCs directly with the list of detected softwares,

  • To manage all your software with number of licenses purchased and authorized (with email alerts by email of unwanted software and those without an official license),
  • To manage your purchases orders through catalogs,

  • To be able during inventory to collect any type of files extensions, ask questions to the client and look for registry keys,

  • To be able during inventory to use another identifier as the NetBIOS name, use a serial number as the 1st ID, using a registry key, use an answer sent by the client as the 1st ID, this through different inventories groups with their planning (time/date/day),

  • You also want to be able to trace your software with .Exe researches and to insert internal applications into your database software.


With Landpark Helpdesk, your help desk / issue-tracking software.

  • To have your request directly made by users (tree search with problem-related keywords /ability to attach files or forms to request),

  • To have your request made on behalf of users (objects linked to the user / change priorities according to access rights / attach files to requests),

  • To have your request sent by emails (several types of email templates with Landpark HelpMail containing free text or optional variables can be set up and received by Landpark Helpdesk),

  • To have automated scheduling (the automated scheduling feature allows you to assign one or more technicians to a given request type / tickets that are marked for automated scheduling are automatically assigned to the right technician),

  • To search list of tickets by status (displays the expected lead time, the opening time and processing time when closed / problems and related solutions / remote control),

  • To have technician schedules (technician schedule, technical group schedule or suppliers with recurring tasks / schedule can be exported to Outlook / calendar views by day, week or month),

  • To have predefined messages sent according to envent types (messages are automatically sent via email depending on the event / possibility of forwarding messages to newsgroups),

  • When closing the ticket (ability to specify a resolution type and an action type when closing / ability to suspend the ticket, mark it for callback or escalation / report is fed to the knowledge base / detailed ticket history),

  • To searching for a solution (to provide users with a basic (level 1) knowledge base / to provide support teams with a technical (level 2) knowledge base / attach solutions and related forms to help users and technicians),

  • To searching for objects that are associated with each user (access all the computer objects or non IT objects with their details linked to each user, as well as detailed request history),

  • To search for objects in your database (complete search for IT or non-IT objects using the Landpark Manager database, returning detailed object information),

  • To have memos and alerts for overdue tickets (alert by memo or by email alarm for overdue tickets / suspension or reassignment of tickets to other support technicians),

  • To have ticket History (by keyword, by status, by technician or supplier, etc. in the solution or equipment tree / full ticket details can be exported to Excel),

  • To have predefined SQL queries exportable to Excel,

  • To have statistics (uses predefined templates / statistics are exportable to various formats),

  • To organize polls and surveys (feedback polls,user surveys),

  • To have automated escalation (automated escalation allow certain types of requests to be related to other requests in order to undergo an escalation / the chaining of problems is not limited to two types of problems / you can link as many types of problems as you wish / you can for instance specify that a request for printer cartridges should be linked and escalated to a request for paper),

  • To use project management (allows you to keep track of your ongoing projects / projects can be assigned to specific locations / project tasks can be dispatched to different user groups and are displayed in a Gantt chart),

  • To manage your technicians (schedule and skills management in terms of incident resolution),

  • To manage groups of technicians (management by geographical groups or skill groups),

  • To manage absence with immediate view of schedule,

  • To have priority Management (priorities are assigned to organizations/locations),

  • To manage problems and solutions settings (with files, links and attached forms / lead time, priority and keywords / assignment to technician responsible for solving the problem),

  • To have ticket code settings with a resolution type that can be assigned to an organization and possible action type,

  • To have email alerts for overdue requests, default schedule view, schedule overbooking and backdating, permission to schedule ticket operations prior to their date of creation, 

  • To activate display filters when users make requests (to filter the types of requests that a user can display in various treeviews according to his/her profile, upon sending a request (e.g display only computer support requests, or requests for consumables, etc.)). 

  • To set News (news can be assigned to categories by posting announcements in Landpark Helpdesk’s main menu).



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