Implementation and Configuration Assistance


Implementation and Configuration Assistance: the object of a successful training is to operate a transfer of knowledge as for the use of the software in order to achieve your goals with Landpark.

Objectives: to combine our IT Asset Management industry experience and product expertise to deliver a solution set that meets business need and provides immediate value. To enable participants to acquire, either during their training or through a refresher course, the complete knowledge of one or more Landpark software. Our training will provide the knowledge and skills to use all Landpark features to better manage IT assets and improve users support.
Our goal is to teach you how to use all functionalities of your Landpark products, from the complete training to simple knowledge assessment, including important concepts, good practices, optimization and settings. We help our customers achieve value and return on their technology investment through our proven technology implementation methodology and our decades of IT Asset Management advisory and consulting services.

Our training courses are tailored to your needs, online or on site, adapted to your environment, based on real business cases, to help you achieve the objectives set by choosing Landpark solutions.
Training options: this training can be done either within your company or through Internet:
  • Duration Landpark Inventory / Landpark WebManager / Landpark Manager: 2 days minimum recommended training.
  • Duration Landpark Helpdesk: 3 days minimum recommended training.



The implementation of your ITAM system can not be limited to the supply of application software.

Complementary services, resulting from an experience of a very large number of installations, allows us an efficient and harmonious implementation as well as a reduction of delays and costs. With the right methodology, your users will get the most out of their Landpark applications along with productivity, efficiency and return on investment. Our engineers start to analyse your IT assets and your network, then they write a specific offer tailored to your needs and objectives. The quality of our analysis is the first step towards developing a reliable and efficient ITAM system for your company:

  • We do a serious and rigorous study of your installation before any training,
  • We delimit and study your needs,
  • We offer you the most adapted solutions in terms of training.

The object of a successful training is to transfer knowledge of the software. At the end of a training session, the audience must have assimilated knowledge how to make best use of Landpark software. Training is organized within your company and requires appropriate equipments. After learning, users will need further explanations to optimize software. It is our role to offer then personalized assistance and support services:



Free upgrade training for your teams.

Your teams change. In order to provide the best possible support for them, we offer you to organize free training upgrades via Internet on all the functionalities of your Landpark licenses (new teams to be trained, new skills to be acquired, improve service to users, etc.). We can also bring you our help in your latest updates to download.

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