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Step 1: define precisely your objectives and analyse your needs.

The limit of a data-processing budget is often difficult to establish. For better knowing this budget, it is necessary for you to organize all the events of the cycle of life of your computer equipment. Your data processing systems are increasing, the volume of informations to be organized becomes important. Your company needs a methodology and processes for better managing it.

Define precisely your objectives
Asset management with Landpark


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  • This requirement goes through by the use of computer tools able to save you time. From inventorying all your equipments to a complete asset management: movements, licenses management, contracts management, purchases management without forgetting the installation of a service desk, the goal is not only to reduce your management costs but also to generate quickly significant results in term of users support.
  • You will be able to generate quickly significant results in term of users support and assets management with Landpark Helpdesk and Landpark Manager.


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