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All the activities relating to your assets management have a cost. Data processing is subjected to a short cycle of technological development. The acquisition cost of your workstations represents more than 50% of the total cost in computer equipment - without speaking about the maintenance and support cost. An accurate check of this kind of costs is thus essential.
Landpark will help you to manage the Life Cycles of Your Assets. All hardware and software assets are bound to be part of a cycle that traverses various states such as leased, purchased, in-repair and in-use. You will therefore keep track the complete life cycle of the assets, resulting in better resource utilization.
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  • When these assets move from one state to another, the central asset repository should be updated with the reason, time stamp and the name of the person who modifies the state. This updated information lets you stay current, have control over your assets and make effective purchase decisions.
  • Using IT asset management software presents many advantages. A great number of companies is aware that technological tools - allowing a global vision of computer equipment - are essential to solve overall the totality of support, maintenance and acquisition costs. The Total Cost of Ownership - TCO - summarizes perfectly the problems of maintenance. The purchase price becomes often secondary compared to the exploitation cost (a PC can return five times more expensive to maintain than to buy). As soon as your company approaches about fifty computers, a precise assets management software becomes essential. Our experience on a great number of projects indicates that the most successful companies consider asset management as a full strategy aiming to reduce the total cost inherent in the exploitation of their entire data-processing assets.
  • Within the framework of this strategy, the success of your projects depends largely on quality tools allowing you a quick return on your investments and a better profit of productivity.
  • Projects of asset management the most succeeded follow a planning of progressive deployment.



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