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Analysis of your needs in order to help you.

The installation or the evolution of a data processing system is an important phase for your company. Implications are not only technical but also organizational. This is why we propose you our assistance, allowing you to benefit from our experience in these fields. The modernization of a data processing system goes through in general by a preliminary audit. We can provide you the elements necessary to a better and effective decision-making. We help companies on the way to carry out a strategic choice as regards to information systems. By a systematic analysis, we evaluate requirements and highlight hidden aspects in order to allow the company to make its choice in all knowledge of cause.

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Information processing system diagnosis:

  • Project managements, 

  • Adaptation of the systems to software requirements (networks, OS),

  • Dimensioning of databases, 

  • Legality and safety audits.



The Information system is too often an assembly of heterogeneous components, successive applications and technologies heterogeneous.

That created in many cases complex and not very reactive expensive situations. Before any installation on an important configuration, a technical visit of feasibility proves to be judicious. The various people brought to collaborate for the deployment and the exploitation are present to define the planning of implementation of the system, the installation, the formation and the assistance, as well as the detail of human resources to envisage. This session is desirable to fix the operation and to know interlocutors and their respective role in the project. One will thus ensure a good coordination, a preliminary detection of possible difficulties and their possible solutions, operations to be carried out.

The audit concerns:

  • Accessibility of the database server, 

  • Operating systems of servers (current and foreseeable evolutions), 

  • Operating systems of workstations (current and foreseeable evolutions), 

  • Accessibility of the IIS server (Helpdesk), 

  • Materials to be inventoried and others objects to manage.

Tools used:

  • Landpark servers to be used according to the physical architecture, 

  • To index human resources, 

  • Resources bases databases, 

  • Competences on SQL language, 

  • Active Directory resources if necessary, 

  • Network administrator, 

  • Internet server Information,

  • Ressources LP Manager, 

  • Organization of the “Hot Line” service, 

  • Consumables management, if necessary.

It is thus necessary:

  • To list, in the most exhaustive possible way, the needs for exploitation of the data-processing system, 

  • To define the requests to be used/Modify/Create. 

  • To list the personnel to form, study the possible existence of specific needs.




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