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Step 4: choose the right ITAM software and take advantage of years of experience with Landpark.

Because asset management is closely tied to other service management areas such as purchase management, vendor management, contract management and software license management. Landpark has all the functionality you require.
Landpark will help you to manage the complete life cycle of an asset from procurement to retirement with the right kind of automation built in, and will also provide the right dashboards and reports to make effective decisions.
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Asset management with Landpark



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  • Asset management is not a stand-alone process. It has to be integrated with other ITIL processes to help IT personnel make informed decisions. It enhances the rate at which incidents, problems and changes are closed by providing detailed information about the assets involved.
  • Track all your non-IT assets : after setting up a central repository for tracking and maintaining all your IT assets, extend the scope of ITAM to non-IT assets to prevent another department from reinventing the wheel. It is important to track all your non-IT assets to understand your organization's financial spending and revise your budget.
  • Why take the decision to develop your own software, by definition, long and expensive - solutions are now adapted to answer your needs. Landpark tools profit from a long experience - their implementation is perfectly adapted to the environment of your company.
  • Within the framework of a rigorous methodology and being based on our experience, our teams take into account each one of your specificities. Our solutions present several modular tools to answer each one of your needs: inventory, assets management, helpdesk, etc…
  • The profile of our competences is determining for the success of your project. Our consultants have a solid training as well as an excellent experience of the deployments.
  • Anticipate the strategy of your company with Landpark.
  • Imply yourselves more on the level of the strategy of your company by anticipating its needs.


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