IT Asset Tracking

Landpark Inventory, Solution for your IT asset tracking needs to gain visibility and control of your IT assets. 


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 Landpark Inventory, solution for your IT asset tracking needs to gain visibility and control of your IT assets.

Landpark Inventory, user-friendly and easy to deploy, automatically collects all PCs, software configurations and allows you to realize substantial savings. Our expertise has been recognized by thousands of companies.



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 Landpark NetworkIP: to inventory all your PCs and Servers.

Landpark NetworkIP is composed of three modules:

1/ a Server module installed on any station through your network. Either as an application, or as a service.
This module centralizes and manages the inventories

2/ a Client module installed on stations and which are connected to the Server

3/ an Administration Consol module which makes it possible to parameterize and control inventories.

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 Landpark IDA.

Landpark IDA is a program that imports and updates automatically your inventory into Landpark Manager. It automatically checks all day at a specific time and setting, the presence of new inventory results files (DTA) in your results folder. Your inventory data in the database Landpark Manager are then brought up to date.

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 Landpark Snmp: to scan your network elements.

Discover rapidly your network and get a real‐time view of what's happening with your critical SNMP‐enabled network devices.


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