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Step 3: join together other services concerned by the management and the technical support of Non-IT assets may reduce considerably the project cost.

This can have a considerable impact on the cost of the project. Around a planning of progressive deployment, the installation of an asset management and a service desk solution probably implies other departments.
We have hundreds of customers using Landpark Helpdesk for purposes other than supporting computers. And these objects are totally free to be import into Landpark Manager data base: a huge benefit to reduce acquisition costs.
Others services concerned in the management and technical support of your assets
Asset management with Landpark


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  • All others services of your company - management - accountancy - administration - are concerned with the savings made thanks to effective assets management software. Landpark Helpdesk may have totally different problems and solutions trees for tickets, whether for computer problems or problems with other applications or other objects (technical equipment, telephones, vehicles, industrial, hospital, etc ...).
  • Facilities department or the Industrial department of your company may need to manage others objects and to have a service desk to manage its equipment and services independently. 
  • Each phase of the deployment can then be based on competences of these various teams in order to save time and to allow a better valorisation of your activities.
  • The installation of an asset management and a service desk solution with Landpark may concern other departments.


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