Landpark Manager contributes to the development and performance of your business.
Landpark HelpDesk enhance your service desk by provinding your IT department with an enterprise-grade helpdesk solution.
Landpark Inventory, leverage your technology investment and improve your decision making by conducting comprehensive network audits.
if you are looking for a MSI installer, application Packaging or MSI and App-V packaging you are in good hands

Landpark, comprehensive IT Asset Tracking, Asset Management and ITIL Help Desk solutions

Landpark helps you achieve optimal management of your resources by providing state-of-the-art IT Asset Management, IT Asset Tracking and Help Desk software.
Hundreds of major companies have benefited from our expertise in the field, IT managers have been able to exert full control over their IT resources.

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Landpark Helpdesk helps you manage service requests efficiently

Improve turnaround time by deploying a dedicated help desk solution. Our solution adapts to the entire business infrastructure.
Its reduced setup costs, rapid deployment and capabilities make it an indispensable tool for your technical support analysts.

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Solutions :

Discover Landpark® Manager

and take your IT asset management to the next level. Control, manage and maximize your company's IT assets.

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Discover Smart Packager

MSI Installer Application Packaging and MSI and App-V packaging - Smart Packager Pro is ideal for IT administrators.

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Discover Landpark® Helpdesk

Achieve optimal technical support by deploying our dedicated help desk solution.

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