Landpark® Helpdesk


Landpark Helpdesk helps you to reduce IT operating costs.

Our technology will bring to users and administrators an efficient technical support, consequently allowing you a better management and a maximum visibility. Without any software to be installed, you can consult any equipment through the Internet: incidents management, support and requests management, management in term of contracts associated with your equipment, analyzes in real time of your needs, statistics by nature and cause, etc… You will be able to reach desired information: equipment identification and their technical compositions collected through the inventory, identification of all the software installed, access to the knowledge database, etc…



Landpark Helpdesk enables you to manage with effectiveness your users support.

It is essential to make communicate through Internet all your information. Landpark Helpdesk positions itself like the new reference as regards to a total management of your data-processing systems. Its simple and intuitive use allows fast implementation an immediate adhesion on behalf of your users.
Your administrators and your technical support teams must know with precision information processing systems which they manage in a daily way:
  • Installation/reinstallation of material and software,

  • Configuration, technical problems and breakdown services,

  • Users support.



A maximum visiblity on your technical support.

Often confronted with an increasingly complex environment and often on distant sites, Landpark Helpdesk offers a solution enabling to manage effectively each change, each intervention and each technical support. This true support center is entirely accessible by Internet and offers you the possibility to organize:

  • The automatic transfer to your technical support of any request,

  • A management of those requests according to several qualification levels, together with maximum deadlines for answers or procedures according to their type and allowing to optimize resolutions,

  • A better management of your personal movements, 

  • An immediate consultation of the material descriptions, software and licenses installed, guarantee or maintenance contracts, 

  • A dynamic management of your needs.



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