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Affordable, reliable & easy to use,‎ Landpark Helpdesk offers a better quality of service to users.

To install an unsuited solution - without taking into account waiting of your users in term of services - is against the goals of your company.

  • Your help desk must be very effective. If the selected tool is complex, goals to be reached will be blocked by its heaviness. If on the contrary, its approach is too simplistic, it will not make it possible to answer your requirements.

  • Flexibility of our applications - the pragmatic approach of your needs can only convince you compared to heavier and badly dimensioned products. You need an evolutionary and open tool, which corresponds to you.

  • Profiting from a long experience with a very great number of companies, our help desk solution is able to answer your needs.

Landpark Helpdesk, an essential tool for your help desk team.

  • Landpark Helpdesk allows you to organize in real time the automatic transfer to your support center of any request for a better control and to solve incidents and breakdown services.

  • Your technical support can manage in real time its interventions and operate a better control through different sites.

  • You will be able to answer an increasing number of questions without having to increase the number of your technical support. While optimizing requests with less significant calls, your support team will be able to optimize its work while concentrating on more complex problems.

  • Your users will be able to consult a database of recurring problems and advices without having them to submit their request to the help desk. Users will be able to also know the progress concerning resolution of their problem. Their productivity and their satisfaction will be thus largely improved.



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