Policy on Source Code


Source code policy with Landpark - the best guarantee for our customers.

Our source code is filed annually with Logitas ( in accordance with the following objectives: 

Protection of Intellectual Property. To this end, our source code is audited by Logitas in order to establish Landpark ownership.

Protection for End Users with respect to software maintenance. In the event of termination of maintenance on behalf of Landpark without activity picked by a buyer within 1 year period, we authorized End User to access source code with Logitas. The use of the source code will be limited to maintenance requirements and for the exclusive benefit the End User.

To this end, the filing of source code contains the following elements:

  • Landpark source code as well as the components needed to make the version available.

  • The description of the development environment, as well as the associated supply data.

  • The file outlining manufacturing instructions on how to manufacture the deliverable version since the installation of the development environment, restoration of source to the production of distribution of the software.

  • The materials design such as the functional and technical specifications, the rules of development patterns in the database, test plans, etc.

These filings are subject to audit from Logitas. Each deposit is audited by Logitas to measure the level of completeness and consistency of material deposited (installation of the development environment, production available from source filed ..)

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