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Easily manage your software licenses and compliance with Landpark Manager / SAM (Software Asset Management).

Landpark Manager helps the asset managers to manage software licenses, to eliminate complexity and to act proactively to curb illegal usage and problems associated with it:

  • What is legally installed,
  • Then what to buy according to their needs,
  • How to use licenses acquired throughout their life cycle,
  • A single list view of individual licenses along with the number of purchases, allocations, and availability,
  • Filter software based filters on different sites to simplify tracking,
  • Information on the unauthorized software in the organization with a complete picture of purchased Vs installed software,
  • Supports license agreements, notifies on the license expiry and sends too alerts by email when an unauthorized software installation is detected,
  • Keep up-to-date software information and helps you save time during software audit process,
  • Alerts by email.
How to manage software with Landpark Manager
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Discovering Landpark Manager
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Managing software has always been a complex and costly issue (purchase of licenses may vary from one editor to another, software costs can far exceed the cost of a PC, this without forgetting the cost of updates, maintenances and product developments, etc ...). With regard to the fraudulent use of software in a business, the law is very clear (significant penalties in terms of fines and imprisonment, image of the company deteriorated, etc ...). Landpark allows to identify applications and to manage them in accordance with the best rules of practice, and then analyzes information to realize gains. Landpark is essential as an efficient tool necessary for your software licenses management.

Some figures:
$ 27 billion is spent annually in the United States and England for software that businesses buy and never use them (Opinion Matters). 70% of companies buy more licenses than they use. On average, 10% of the installed software will be purchased and never used. The cost of license - 415 dollars on average - add the costs for updating and maintenance between 145 and 155 dollars per year per user. Over 50% of companies use spreadsheets to track their licenses and software deployment. All this due to poor software asset management.
Thanks to Landpark, most IT Managers are now aware of the effectiveness of the tools they have in place. They consider that such software asset management software is essential to rapidly reduce their management costs.



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 Managing your software licenses.

  • Software list by location and family, ID, number of detected licenses, number of purchased licenses,
  • To open a software item, assign a license number to the PC where the license is installed, insert its license type and the number of times the license key needs to be duplicated in order to transfer the license to another PC,
  • Create alerts on unwanted software or unlicensed software sent by email,
  • Quickly identify which PCs have unwanted or unlicensed software,
  • PC list associated with software licenses.



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 Modify the software reference list, add your own applications or detect unwanted software.

  • Software reference list, add your in-house applications (exe, dll, *.*), 
  • Mark software products or file extensions as unwanted and detectable by alerts,
  • Find any application that isn’t registered in your software reference list.



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 Managing your acquisition or rental settings on software.

  • Acquisition mode and financial settings on each item,
  • Buying, renting, leasing, loan, etc. 
  • Purchase order, invoice number, prices in Euros or other currencies, purchase date, supplier, asset number, acknowledgment of delivery date, deployment date, attachments,
  • Other equipment associated with the same purchase,
  • Automatic assignment of the same purchase parameters to multiple items,
  • Assignment to a budget,
  • Financing options on an item.


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 Managing your guarantees or maintenance contracts on software.

  • Reference of the contract on each item, amount, supplier, type of contract, type of ticket, response time, start date, end date, extension type, extension start date, extension end date, periodicity, expiration date, expiration date alert, comment field, assignment to a budget line, 
  • Other equipment associated with the same contract,
  • Automatic assignment of the same contract parameters to multiple items,
  • Contract amendments,
  • Create alerts on expired contracts sent by email.


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