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Manage, create and duplicate free as many non-IT items you wish to manage and to support.

One of the best features of Landpark Manager. You can add personalized fields common to those Non-IT items with possible classifications by family and subfamily. You will find hereafter a non-exhaustive list of objects managed by our customers. Important: Non-IT items - others than PCs being inventoried - are free and are not taking into account into our licenses calculation. You can thus create and duplicate as many new Non-IT items you wish and manage them into Landpark Manager and support them with Landpark Helpdesk.

How to manage free unlimited Non-IT items with Landpark Manager
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 Quickly manage your Non-IT assets via a context-sensitive toolbar.

Whatever Non-IT asset selected, you can manage the following: 

  • Purchase settings,
  • Guarantees,
  • Maintenance, insurance, subscription contracts,
  • Ticket creation on currently selected item,
  • Depreciation calculation,
  • Budget line allocation,
  • Loans.



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 High availability of information on each of your Non-IT assets.

Whatever Non-IT asset selected, information can be quickly retrieved:

  • Item move history,
  • Full summary of all topics related to the item (technical, contract, assignments, tickets, etc ), 
  • Item location,
  • Duplicate items automatically.


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 Non-IT assets associated with users.

  • Assigning a user to a Non-IT assets can be done manually by choosing his/her name in the user list,
  • User-assignment history on a Non-IT asset,
  • Non-IT assets list by user.



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 Export all your non-IT assets lists (Excel, Word, Xml, Html, PDF, Email PDF).

  • Each list can be exported to Excel, Word, Xml,
  • Included reports can be exported to Excel, Word, Xml, Html, PDF, Email PDF.

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 Predefined queries on standard RDBMS (SQL Server) with export to Excel.

  • Graphical query builder using standard RDBMS technology (SQL Server),
  • Export to Excel,
  • Quick overview of your queries.


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 Managing your acquisition or loan agreement on your non-IT assets.

  • Acquisition mode and financial settings on each item,
  • Buying, renting, leasing, loan, etc. 
  • Purchase order, invoice number, prices in any currencies, purchase date, supplier, asset number, acknowledgment of delivery date, deployment date, attachments,
  • Others equipments associated with the same purchase,
  • Automatic assignment of the same purchase parameters to multiple items,
  • Assignment to a budget,
  • Financing options on an item.


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 Managing your maintenance, guarantee, insurance and subscription contracts on your non-IT assets.

  • Reference of the contract on each item, amount, supplier, type of contract, type of ticket, response time, start date, end date, extension type, extension start date, extension end date, periodicity, expiration date, expiration date alert sent by email, comment field, assignment to a budget line,
  • Others equipments associated with the same contract,
  • Automatic assignment of the same contract parameters to multiple items,
  • Contract amendments.

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 Managing orders and purchase requests on your non-IT assets.

  • Order list, order date, order number, signee, amount, supplier, order status,
  • Delivery order, receipt date, recipient name, asset number, amount received, receiving partial or total order,
  • Order details, delivery address, billing address, delivery mode, addition of the ordered products and reference content to the articles and catalogs management by suppliers, attachment, observation, delivery note edition, 
  • Allocation to budget linesand contracts.


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 Managing your budget and budget lines on your non-IT assets.

  • Budget and budget line lists, reference budget , years, amount provisioned, amount used, balance, grant file number,
  • State budget , signee, accounting allocation, analytical assignment, validation date, asset number, expected number of items, number of purchased items,
  • Purchases associated with the budget line,
  • Financing options associated with the budget line,
  • Contracts associated with the budget line,
  • Assignment of purchases to budget lines.

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 Tickets on your non-IT assets.

  • You can open a ticket regardless of the asset type,
  • You can look up the following information: who opened a ticket, browse the problems and solutions tree, priority, expected lead time, keywords description of the problem,
  • Assignment of the ticket to an in-house technician or to a supplier, name date and time,
  • Solutions associated with the request,
  • Report made when closing,
  • Archive of ticket-related events,
  • Multiple solutions (files or URLs) related to the problem,
  • Quick access and modification of the knowledge base,
  • Tickets can have different statuses : pending assignment, assigned   cancelled, on hold, resumed, confirmed, closed,
  • Search ticket history by subject, date and location,
  • Export to Excel, Word, Html, etc.
  • Detailed ticket report and history.
  • Print the ticket.


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 Controlling access to features, locations and organizations to manage your non-IT items.

  • Depending on the profile, features are enabled or disabled,
  • Access rights on features,
  • Access rights on locations,
  • Access rights on organizations.



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 Recycling Management of your non-IT items.

  • Recycling management with carrier and collector, destination, storage, repackaging, trader, monitoring slips and related materials.



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